Our studio

Our studio

FryeArts is Steve and Annie Frye. We make stuff. Sometimes together. Sometimes not. We are both juried members of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. Annie is a fiber artist making wearable art of felted wool and silk and has been involved in the distinguished craft shows in Boston, Palm Beach Chicago and Washington DC. Steve is a recently retired veterinarian who turns vessels from wood and soapstone. He has pieces in five galleries around the state.

Recently we have started collaborating on a series of lamps where the light shines through Annie's beautiful felted shades while Steve's turned wood bases complement the whole.  

Our inspiration for this series is fairly obvious. When we travel, we visit museums where we are attracted to modern art particularly. Hence our "Mondrian" and our "Modigliani.” It's a tribute. Good ideas need reiteration.

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